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5 Things You Will Not Get With Mail-Order Orthodontics

5 Things You Will Not Get With Mail-Order Orthodontics

At Thacker Orthodontics, we know you want the best for your family, and that includes their smile. But we also know that times are tough and kids are expensive, so you’re looking for ways to cut some money, and maybe even some time in the process. With all of the ads about direct-to-consumer or mail-order Read More

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Four Reasons to Get Adult Braces

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of getting braces? If you’re past your teen years, a metal-clad teen face is probably the image you get at the thought of braces. But, believe it or not, adults make up about one in every five orthodontic patients today. You’re never too old Read More

Braces or Invisalign: Which One Is Right For You?

Braces or Invisalign: Which One Is Right For You?

If you’ve recently discovered that you or your child need orthodontic treatment, you probably have many questions on your mind. You might want to know what caused the issue and how it can be corrected. You may also wonder which treatments are likely to be the most effective, along with how much they cost, and Read More

Recognizing And Treating Your Child's Misaligned Jaw

Recognizing And Treating Your Child’s Misaligned Jaw

As parents ourselves, we know it can be both concerning when your child is showing signs of pain and hard to diagnose what the source of their pain is. If you’ve noticed them rubbing their jaw or digging into their meals with less gusto than usual, it’s likely that they’re dealing with jaw pain. Jaw Read More

Caring For Your Smile Between Orthodontic Visits

Caring For Your Smile Between Orthodontic Visits

The Thacker Orthodontics team loves handing out helpful advice to our patients in Cincinnati and Hillsboro. In fact, second only to moving your teeth to give you a smile you love, sharing advice is what we do most!  One of our most common pieces of advice is deceptively simple: take care of your smile as Read More

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Everything You Need To Know About Retainers

The moment a patient gets their braces off or finishes using their last clear aligner is one of the most special moments we get to experience at Thacker Orthodontics. We love seeing how all your hard work and dedication to achieving an improved smile have paid off, almost as much as you do! Though it Read More

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Your Guide To Orthodontic Treatment as an Adult

Although the largest percentage of our orthodontic patients are teenagers, we have more and more adults and young children visiting us every day! Here at Thacker Orthodontics, we’re proud to create beautiful smiles for patients of all ages in Cincinnati, Hillsboro, and the surrounding communities. If you’ve spent years feeling unhappy with how your teeth Read More

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Tips for Caring for Your Clear Aligners

The reason why clear aligners like Invisalign have become a commonly chosen treatment for teens and adults here at Thacker Orthodontics is, well, clear: from their comfortable, simple design to the outstanding results they produce, clear aligners are a great option for patients of all ages. Though clear aligners may seem straightforward, there are some Read More

Orthodontic Care In 2021

Orthodontic Care In 2021

After a long and fairly difficult 2020, things are finally starting to look up. Though New Years and the resolutions that it brings may feel like a distant, long-cast off memory, it’s never too late to commit to caring for your smile in this upcoming year! There’s no better time than now to commit to Read More