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Leave A Lasting Impression With A Beautiful Smile

Did you know your smile can play a big role when it comes to professional success? For better or worse, having a healthy smile that stands out  is often a critical component to meeting your career goals. Multiple studies have found that excellent oral health and an attractive smile can help land you a job, Read More

Goodbye, 2019…Hello, 2020!

Goodbye, 2019…Hello, 2020!

Goodbye 2019…Hello 2020! If you’re anything like us, you may be wondering how on earth we’re already here in 2020. It feels like we blinked and it was already January! With the new year beginning, we’ve been doing some reflecting on what the past year meant for us and what we’re hoping to accomplish in Read More

The 5 Best Foods For Braces

The 5 Best Foods For Braces

Deciding to change your smile with braces is exciting. Taking that first step towards improved oral health is worth celebrating, but orthodontic treatment can also bring quite a few changes to your life. While many of those changes are relatively small in the grand scheme of things, some can take some getting used to, like Read More

Survival Guide: Invisalign Assistant making dental scans

Survival Guide: Invisalign

If you aren’t already aware of the Invisalign clear aligner system, you should be! Thacker Orthodontics is proud to offer patients this exciting alternative to traditional braces. Invisalign produces the same beautiful results as braces, but doesn’t use any brackets, wires, or bands. This means Invisalign patients enjoy a freedom and flexibility that simply isn’t Read More

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Why Summer Is The Best Time To Begin Orthodontic Treatment

Summer is finally in full swing! Now that we’re done with winter and school is out, we can really kick back, relax, and enjoy these long days and later mornings. Whether you’ve packed a million things into the next month or two, or plan on doing nothing but laying out by the pool, you probably Read More

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Nutrition And Oral Health

It’s no secret that eating a balanced diet is important for maintaining good health, and that what we eat and drink plays a big role in how our bodies function. But did you know that what you choose to consume can also affect your oral health? Here at Thacker Orthodontics, we’re passionate about making you Read More

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First Orthodontic Visit

Making a big decision is exciting, but it can be a little overwhelming sometimes, too. Here at Thacker Orthodontics, we know that choosing to receive orthodontic care can be life-changing, and we want you to feel confident in our care from day one! The journey towards a straighter smile starts with your first visit to Read More

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Everything You Should Know Before Treatment

Traditional braces have been around for many, many years, and have a pretty impressive track record of successfully correcting a variety of orthodontic issues. In fact, when it comes to straightening teeth and improving oral health, braces are one of the most useful tools we have. If you’re considering braces treatment with Thacker Orthodontics, it’s Read More

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Types of Malocclusions

Unless you happen to keep regular company with an orthodontist or two, chances are good that you probably haven’t heard the word malocclusion very often! This technical term describes what happens when mismatched or misaligned teeth and jaws cause a person to have what we refer to as a “bad bite.” When left untreated over Read More