What Our Patients Have to Say

Thacker Orthodontics is wonderful. They have great hours, and the staff is always friendly, helpful and professional. We really appreciate Dr. Thacker's conservative approach to treatment. He followed the kids’ progression for years before the braces were applied. Our kids were never rushed into braces. Other than adding new faces, he has had the same staff since we started seeing him almost 10 years ago. That is a sign of a good work environment. I highly recommend Dr. Jim Thacker. - Sharon S.
The staff is wonderful, so kind, pleasant, and always accommodating! Thank you for the straight teeth, easy scheduling and fantastic service.- Kristie E.
We're not patients, but while visiting family in Cincinnati, my son had a problem with his braces. I was very impressed by how helpful the receptionist and doctor were when I called to ask if I could bring him in to get it fixed. They offered to see him but gave us enough advice that I was able to decide the issue could wait until we get home to Canada. Very professional and friendly.-Christine C.
My experience was great! No one was rushing around, the staff was very friendly and the office and its surroundings were beautiful and clean!-Erin W.
Dr. MaryEvan was absolutely amazing. She really took the time to make sure my daughter and I were completely comfortable. She was very understanding and didn’t make my daughter feel judged for a bad habit but instead got her by bin on fixing it.-Megan G.