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At Thacker Orthodontics, we're dedicated to crafting beautiful, straight smiles for our Cincinnati community. Our team, led by Dr. Jim Thacker and Dr. MaryEvan Thacker, offers a range of orthodontic solutions, including the ever-reliable traditional metal braces and the aesthetically pleasing ceramic braces, to patients of all ages in Cincinnati and its neighboring areas.

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We at Thacker Orthodontics are committed to providing advanced, individualized care, ensuring the best outcomes and a positive orthodontic journey. Our approach is patient-centric, focusing on the unique needs and goals of each individual, regardless of age or orthodontic challenges. Dr. Jim Thacker and Dr. MaryEvan Thacker, along with our skilled team, use cutting-edge techniques and the latest technology to deliver efficient, comfortable treatments that transform your smile and life.

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Personalized Braces Treatment in Cincinnati

Our orthodontic process begins with a thorough assessment using digital x-rays, photographs, and a detailed mouth model. This information is crucial for Dr. Jim Thacker and Dr. MaryEvan Thacker to develop a personalized treatment plan, which includes precise tooth movement strategies for optimal alignment.

The treatment involves attaching brackets to your teeth and threading a wire through them to exert targeted pressure. This process, known as remodeling, is facilitated by strategic wire bends, inducing specific tooth movements. It involves subtle bone modifications around the tooth roots, with osteoblasts and osteoclasts working in tandem to reshape the bone structure. This careful balance of pressure and bone remodeling gradually shifts your teeth into their ideal positions.

To maintain your new smile, consistent pressure is key. Without it, teeth tend to revert to their original positions. Post-treatment, the use of retainers is essential to prevent this shift, ensuring your teeth remain in their new, improved positions.

What your Cincinnati braces expert offers

Did you know that today’s braces are better than ever? All of our treatment options are excellent and can correct a variety of simple and complex oral issues, from simple to complex.

Ceramic Braces

Ideal for those seeking a less noticeable option, our ceramic braces function like metal braces but feature clear ceramic brackets. They're especially favored by our adult and older teen patients for their discreet nature. Typically used on upper front teeth, ceramic braces are larger and more delicate than metal ones, making them less suitable for younger patients.

Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces, made from high-grade stainless steel, remain a popular and effective choice. They straighten teeth using metal brackets and archwires and are now more comfortable than ever. Add a personal touch with colored elastics, or opt for subtlety with clear or tooth-colored options.

Experience visible improvements quickly with traditional braces, boosting your confidence in your smile and the orthodontic process.

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